Summer (From October 01 to March 31)
Sunday10:00amMCAT Long Reps/Long Runs/Jumps/Throws with George, Anne, Callum & Brian
Monday4.:00pmMCAT Fartlek/Speed with George & Anne
Tuesday5.45pmMCAT Club Night
Wednesday4pmFreyberg High School Gym
Thursday4pmMCAT - Short Reps
Friday4pmFreyberg High School Gym
Saturday10amMCAT - Long Reps
Winter (From April 01 to September 30)
Sunday10:00 amGYM Strength Training/Long runs with George, Anne & Callum
Monday4:00pmMCAT Fartlek with George & Anne
Tuesday4:00pmOngley Park - Threshold
Wednesday4:00pmFreyberg High School Gym
Thursday4:00pmMCAT - Short Reps
Friday4:00pmFreyberg High School Gym
Saturday10:00amMCAT - Long Reps or Racing

MCAT = Manawatu Community Athletics Track
Gym = Freyberg High School Gym